About Pottery by Pam

pottery-by-pamWHY I CREATE

Nature surrounds me in this place where the mountains meet the sea, becoming my inspiration to create.

Whether kept for one’s own use or given as a gift, my creative energy follows the pieces I make, becoming part of the lives of those who use them.

My pottery is colorful, fun and often whimsical. Each piece is hand built and unique. My intention is to create pottery that will make people smile for years to come.



I moved to the beautiful Sunshine Coast of British Columbia more than a decade ago. Besides loving to create through my pottery, I am a gardener and an avid reader. I also love to cook which inspires many of my pieces that move from kitchen to table. Food is so much more enjoyable when eaten or served from a piece that was lovingly handmade, than if it was mass produced.


pottery-kitchen-tableAs a hand builder, each piece I make is made from a slab of clay. Sometimes I texture the clay before I shape it. Other times detail elements are added after the piece is shaped and formed.

Once a piece dries, it is time to fire it. Firing is what converts each piece from malleable clay into a strong, durable, usable piece. The first stage is called a bisque firing. I bisque fire to 1832 F (1000 C) in my own kiln, which was built by Euclid Elements in Oakville, Ontario.

Afterwards, the piece is ready for glazing – a fun time to add
a myriad of combinations of colors in a variety of ways and creative techniques.

After glazing, the piece is fired a second time in the kiln at a temperature of 2232 F (1222 C). Each firing process takes approximately 30 hours from start to cool down. When the kiln is opened it is a joy to see the results.

Each of the pieces I make are food, microwave and dishwasher safe.

I invite you to come for a visit to my home studio and gallery. Please contact me for an appointment, so I can make sure that you are taken care of and can answer any of your questions.

For examples of my artistic handmade pottery, please click on any of the pages below:

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I look forward to seeing you soon!

Pottery by Pam
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